This is what the triangle at Post Road looked like before Friends of Old Westbury upgraded the plantings.

Post Rd. North BEFORE FOW Planting

FOW Tulips at Post Road s.

FOW Tulips at Post Rd. North

FOW Tulips Brighten Post Road at LIE

Post Road Triangles Bursting with FOW color!

FOW’ Planting Post Road North

Flowers bloom throughout the season. Here perennials and annuals brighten an important corner that welcomes you to Old Westbury

Post Road Triangle Planted By Friends of Old Westbury

FOW’s Spring Planting at Post Road

Post Road S. AFTER FOW Planting

Litter on Glen Cove Rd. UGH

FOW Earth Day Litter Clean Up 2018

Earth Day 2018

FOW Launches First Earth Day Clean Sweep!

Spreading the FOW Message at July ’17 Picnic

Contact us to Purchase FOW Watering Can For $59

Old Westbury Rd Triangle BEFORE

OW Triangle BEFORE FOW Planting

OW Rd Triangle DURING Planting

Hanna Packer workingn with FOW to Transform Old Westbury Rd. Triangle

Transforming a desolate road triangle

Old Westbury Rd. Triangle Planting by Hanna Packer, landscaper

Your donations at work!


Young plantings taking root at OW Road Triangle

Summer blooms at previously desolate OW Road Triangle

Perennials taking root to give years of color!

Transforming a forgotten road triangle

Gorgeous summer color!

Enhancing our shared spaces

What a difference we can make together!

Neighbors working to improve our shared spaces!

OW Road Triangle New life

Planting Bulbs for Spring 2019 and on!

Spring comes to Old Westbury Road overhauled triangle

What a difference a year makes!

New plantings bring even more color in 2019

Old Westbury Triangle bursting with Spring color

Old Westbury Triangle in full bloom 2019

PomPoms of Color Undulate In The Summer Breeze

Stunning Mix of Colors In Full Summer Bloom

Grasses & Flowers Evolve Through The Summer

Looking North Over Fully Planted Island W/ Neat Border

Post Road “Mound” BEFORE FOW planting

Post Road “Mound” BEFORE FOW planting

Transformation in Progress

The long desolate Post Road Mound Planted by FOW

Pockets of Color In Dabbled Sunlight


A beautiful look for a once barren road

Clusters of Daffodils Brighten Our Living Environment

Heading East on Service Road, OW Road Triangle

Post Road Mound new planting

Post Road Mound AFTER FOW Planting

Old Westbury Road Triangle In Its Purple Moment

Post Road Mound of Color

Dazzling Tulip Display Set Against A Daffodil Swath Planted By OW Gardens

Spring Tulips Planted by Old Westbury Gardens

Old Westbury Road Corner

A beautiful upgrade at FOW Village Hall

Every week brings another show of color to OW Rd.

Every week something new is blooming on Old Westbury Rd.

Our planting of the Post Road “Mound” with three season color

The Old Westbury Road triangle, now filled with color and native plantings

Always a pleasure to drive by now and see whats blooming!

Roses and Day Lillies brighten our daily view at Post Road.

Plantings that will bring Summer color year after year at Post Road. North and South

Early Spring color comes to Post Rd. Mound

OW Road Triangle Mid August

Every week new blooming perennials

Post Road Triangles Bursting with FOW color!

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