August 2020

Dear Neighbor:

We greet you with the hope that all is well in your home. Old Westbury has been a haven in these difficult times. We have quarantined during the arrival of Spring, and now summer and have seen our efforts bloom and flourish throughout the village and hope they have brightened your day. 

We hear there has been an uptick in local real estate, as many in the city have sought the suburbs and hope our efforts to upgrade the public spaces have played a small part in making our neighborhood more desirable. 

The Friends of Old Westbury are a group of local residents who have organized to supplement village efforts to elevate our communal spaces with plantings. So far, we have designed and planted the south island opposite Village Hall and the long strip of islands at the Post/Wheatley intersection and at the entry to Old Westbury at IU Willets and Glen Cove Rd and played an important role in upgrading the plantings at Village Hall and recommending the beautiful flowering trees that just bloomed along Wheatley and IU Willets Road,.  All this in just the last few years.

We have modeled ourselves on other local neighborhood beautification efforts, like Old Brookville. We are an established 501c3, and all gifts are tax deductible. 

To continue our efforts, to pay for clean up and replanting and to continue our beautification development throughout the village, we are once  again asking for your help. In this moment, with great sensitivity, we ask that those who can, consider a gift to help with our efforts. Donating is easier now, with direct online access. Click here to make a gift. Gifts of all size are welcome.  

We appreciate the support of all our friends and neighbors for this community effort.

We also warmly welcome all residents to join our efforts. If you are interested in joining the committee, please respond here to receive an invitation to our next committee meeting.

In all times, our homes and neighborhood are a source of comfort and pride. We thank you for your consideration and support.


Friends of Old Westbury

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